🍎iPhone 11 

🍎128 Gb

📦Full Set With Original Same Imei Box

🍎84% Original Battery Health

🍎Face Id 100%

🍎Tru Tone 100%

❇️Bought It Brand New From Genxt (Rs.180,000) 😍

🖍️Personal Used & 1st Owner

🧀Brand New Condition 

🍎Apple Stickers Have 🍎

⚠️Location- Gampaha 

⚠️Call Me Or whatsapp Me 0755283621

⚠️⚠️Price -110,500


💕මම Brand New Genxt එකෙන් ගත්ත එකක් 180,000ට ගත්තෙ. Personal Used CareFully.

ඇවිල්ලා බලලා ගන්න. 110,000 Last Price.